Antique Beige

Antique Beige Vinyl Deck by Deksmart

This colour is a very popular choice when it comes to vinyl decking. Antique Beige is a warm, soft pattern that looks great with any style of house. The warm tones provide a relaxing and peaceful feeling to your deck. With a beige hue and speckled flecks throughout, this marble design adds a touch of class and sophistication that is hard to pass by.

A Simple Yet Elegant Touch Of Class To Any Deck

One of the big advantages to choosing Antique Beige vinyl membrane for your deck is that it works well with most colours of furniture. The lighter tone of this deck helps reflect the sunlight which leaves the deck surface cooler in the warmer months. This is especially great if there will be children playing on the deck as it is cooler on their bare feet.

This warm tone compliments a wide variety of furniture styles which is why it is one of the most popular choices. Simple, yet elegant and will bring new life to your old worn deck space.