Wood Decking


Incorporate the natural world and elements into your deck space. With options available to suit every level of budget and maintenance needs. With staining you can achieve the feel you are looking for.

At Premier Sundecks we offer two options of wood products – Pressure Treated Spruce and Cedar. Both require different levels of maintenance and come at different price points.

Pressure Treated Spruce has special preservatives pressurized into the core of the wood that allow the product to be used in exterior applications. With the harsh climate we have here in Vancouver, pressure treated products have resistance to rot and decay. Although this process may give a degree of protection, it doesn’t compare to the unmatched style of natural Cedar.

Cedar is one of the rare woods that is well known to be naturally resistant to insects. Not only is it an environmentally friendly option, it looks fantastic and elevates a deck space to the next level.

Cedar Vs Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated Lumber is the cheaper option of the two, however it is often the preferred choice for framing a deck. It is far more durable than cedar and is the safer option. It has far more uses than just framing as it can be used to surface a deck too. It is not uncommon for Pressure Treated Lumber to hold up for more than 20 years when properly maintained. By comparison though, Cedar Decking can last 40+ years with regular yearly routine maintenance and sealing the deck. Cedar is also by far the most attractive choice for surfacing a deck, but is also the most costly.