Aggregate Grey

Aggregate Grey Vinyl Decking Is A Great Choice For Your Deck

This Aggregate Grey design is great to give your deck the feel of being in nature listening to the gentle sounds of the river pass by. A small rock pattern in the vinyl looks exactly like small dark and light pebbles you’d find out in nature. This pattern will make you feel like your on a wonderful hike in your own backyard.

Deksmarts Vinyl Decking Systems Are Of The Highest Quality

These decking systems are tested to meet the Canadian (CGSB 37.54-95) standards for vinyl roof membranes. They ensure that all the vinyl products are always up to date with all testing required. This is how you know that choosing a vinyl deck for your home is the most confident decision you can make.

Keep Your Deck Cool And More Enjoyable

Not only do these vinyl deck products look great, they are long lasting and are very durable. Easily standing up to these harsh Northern climates we have, being the best choice for winter and summer climates. This vinyl stays cool in Summer and is safe to walk on. In winter it keeps your deck waterproof and protected from any snow or rainfall. Easy to clean and maintain makes this vinyl decking the best choice for your back yard.