Whitewash Cedar

Whitewash Cedar Composite Decking A Light And
Elegant Choice

This design is one of the more unique designs from the TimberTech Legacy collection. With it’s bright appearance made up from a light tan/white hue and subtle streaks of colour throughout, this is a beautiful choice to help brighten your deck space. Looking very much like distressed wood giving this design a vintage and antique look. This composite decking board looks like it has aged naturally and invokes a soft and calm feeling.

From The TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection

These quality boards are not only fade resistant, but are extremely resistant to all weather conditions. With four sided protection preventing moisture intrusion, there are no wood or mineral fillers in these boards. Quality fasteners allow for hidden fastening and a strong hold with a uncompromised finished. Made from up to 80% recycled materials, Timbertech’s composite boards are eco-responsible.

Not only environmentally friendly, and durable, but these boards have strong resistance to stain damage and protected with a cleanable surface. With a 30 Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty, TimberTech’s PRO line is a fantastic choice for your decking needs.