Is Composite Decking Worth the Money?

Feb 14, 2024

Are you interested in installing a new deck in your backyard? The right decking solution will allow you to spend more time outdoors and will also increase the value of your property. You will come across different options when looking at decking solutions and will see composite decking which may be a great option.

In composite decking, the boards are made of a blend of organic wood flakes and plastics, or from 100% polymer material. Unlike traditional wood, most composite deck boards feature a structural layer of protection referred to as the outer capping. Homeowners will get to enjoy a number of benefits when they invest in composite decking, but this option will cost more upfront compared to the price of building a traditional wood deck.

Is this price worth it?

It’s natural for homeowners to question the price because any home project must make sense financially and must present you with value. When you start looking into decks, you will quickly notice the price discrepancy between composite and wood decking and will wonder why composite decking is more expensive. This is a legitimate question as homeowners want to limit spending without sacrificing quality, and the truth is composite decking is worth the money because of the following:

Durability: Composite decking is a lot more durable than traditional wood decks and is far less likely to rot, mold, warp, or become infested by insects. This means a lot less headaches and more enjoyment, and this alone is worth paying a little more for composite decking.

Maintenance: Maintenance is much easier with composite decking compared to wood. Composite decks require far less cleaning, repainting, and repairs thanks to their durable construction. Over the lifespan of your deck, composite ends up costing less to maintain than wood because it is virtually maintenance-free. Wood decks need re-staining and sealing every 2-5 years, which can cost thousands. Composite decking’s low-maintenance nature saves you time and money down the road.

Appearance: Technological advances have come a long way, and composite decking now looks very attractive once it is installed. Composite decking can look very similar to real wood but will not require any staining, painting, or maintenance whatsoever. You can have the exact look you want without any of the headache and will have a very attractive deck in your backyard. A beautiful deck will not only elevate the appearance of your yard, it will also increase the value of your house.

Lasting value: While composite decking will cost more initially, it is a one-time investment that can create lasting value. Composite decking rarely rots, fades, stains, or splits, and this is why you must consider the big picture when looking at different decking options. Don’t focus solely on the initial price and consider long-term value because composite is a better option in this regard. Once you factor in all of the information, you will notice that composite decking is also a lot cheaper than traditional wood in the long run.

Safety: This is one aspect you must prioritize, and you really can’t put a price on safety. Composite decking is usually safer than wood decking because it is a lot less likely to become splintered or uneven over time. Additionally, manufacturers can now create heat-resistant composite wood which would allow you to walk comfortably barefoot on hot summer days. Finally, composite decking has built-in fire-retardant materials which provide an additional layer of safety to your family and your home.

Warranty: Homeowners want to invest in products they can rely on, and composite decking is made of quality materials which is why manufacturers stand by their products and offer generous warranties.

Sustainability: Composite decking is not made from natural materials but is often more environmentally friendly than traditional wood materials. Choosing composite boards will help you save trees, and you will also be choosing largely recycled materials when you opt for composite decking.

In Summary

Composite decking comes with a higher upfront cost but pays off in the long run. The durability, low maintenance, and longevity of composite materials make it a smart investment. Composite achieves the beautiful look of wood without all the upkeep. And it offers sustainability, safety, and manufacturer warranties. Considering the total cost savings and benefits over the lifespan of your deck, composite decking is worth the initial splurge for many homeowners.

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