The Many Colour Options of Timbertech Composite: Choose Your Perfect Deck

Mar 13, 2023

A deck will elevate your outdoor space, and choosing the right colour will help enhance your outdoors space overall look and feel. Deck boards and railings are available in various hues, and you will have many options that can feel overwhelming. Need help deciding which colour to choose? This guide will help you make the right choice for your deck:

1. Consider Colours That will Complement Your Home

If you want a cohesive look, match your deck colour to your home’s exterior style. You can also match your deck colour to your home’s interior flooring to achieve a uniform look. A deck should be a visually cohesive addition to your home’s exterior. Choosing a complementary colour can give your deck its unique aesthetic while making it feel like a seamless part of your home.

You don’t have to match your home exactly, and can choose a colour with a slight contrast if that’s what you prefer.

Home and Deck Colour Pairing Ideas:
  • Coastal-style homes pair well with fresh and light colours. These homes are known for their light colour schemes of white, greys, tans and blues, and a light grey deck or tan deck will pair nicely with your home. White composite deck railings will also complement this aesthetic.
  • Mid-century modern home with dark, textured hues. These homes have angular designs and a mix of materials like wood and stone. Choosing dark and textured composite decking will pair well with this home style, and you can mix and match railing materials to create a beautiful perimeter.
  • Craftsman-style homes with cool and rich tones. These homes are original, and cooler hues will look great for decks. These homes are very distinct, and a medium-toned gray composite deck colour would be ideal.
2. Consider The Look And Feel You’re After

Colours will play a major role in your deck’s aesthetics and atmosphere; lighter colours will provide an open and airy feeling, while darker colours will provide a cozier outdoor space.

The right deck colour will help you feel good while you’re outdoors, and every colour family will affect the atmosphere of your exterior living space differently. Greys, for example, will provide you with a cool and contemporary space, while brown will give your deck a classic look that feels comfortable and inviting. There are different hues within each colour family, and you need to take your time when going through these options to select the right colour for your deck.

3. Consider The Functionality Of Your Space

Believe it or not, colours can impact the use of your deck. Lighter colours, for example, are better for decks in full sun because they hold less heat, and bare feet will not get burned. If your deck is always covered with shade, you can choose darker colours because sun exposure will not be a concern.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the deck colour options? The experts at Premier Sundecks will help you make the right choice! From deck colours to railings, we do it all and will help you create the perfect deck for your outdoor space.

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