Benefits of Smooth Back Vinyl

Feb 6, 2023

At Premier Sundecks we install Deksmart Ultra Smooth Back Vinyl for a number of reasons. Not only is it considered to be the strongest vinyl on the market when it comes to tearing and durability but smooth back vinyl is becoming the only vinyl Building Envelope Engineers are requesting in their site plans. This is due to the fact it meets all roofing code requirements and it has superior welding strength.

“Smooth Back” vinyl refers to the back side of the vinyl roll being vinyl. When you are adjoining rolls of vinyl together, building code requires you over lap the rolls by 1” this is called a ‘seam’. You weld the seam together with a heat gun. This weld is much stronger when using Smooth Back Vinyl since you are essentially melting two plastics together. All of our accessories (Drip Edge flashing, Drains, Overflows, Scuppers) are also coated in PVC for the exact same reason. When done correctly the bond will never come apart, assuring a 100% waterproof seal. The strength of this bond is the reason why we offer a 5 yr warranty on our workmanship. This also allows for more aesthetic decisions when it comes to the finishing’s of your deck. Since the drip edge flashing is PVC coated, we can weld the vinyl down the face of the flashing or you can choose 1 of 4 color options for your drip flashing and we can weld directly to the top of it. Both are still 100% waterproof.

Compare the above information to a “Fuzzy Back” vinyl where the back of the vinyl is fabric. At your seams you need to be 100% sure you have burnt all the fabric away or else you can have a pinhole where water can seep in, since it is a fabric backed material the fabric will soak up the water and water under the vinyl is not good for your deck. Also your drip edge flashing is not PVC coated, it is metal and you glue the vinyl down the face, relying on a plastic clip to hold it all together. These clips will break over time, the glue will let go and the vinyl will begin to lift and pull away from the flashing. Have a look around your neighborhood and you will see this happening.