Top 6 Benefits of Composite Decking

Jan 10, 2024

Composite decking is a great option if you are considering building a new deck. It is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood that is cost-effective. You can achieve an authentic wood-like appearance and will have the appearance you want, along with easy upkeep.

The Upsides of Composite Decking vs. Wood

Composite decking consists of deck boards made from cores comprised of either 100% polymer material or a blend of organic wood flakes and plastics. These deck boards can be partially or fully encapsulated and feature a structural layer of protection referred to as the outer capping.

1. Spend More Time Outdoors

Composite decking will allow you to enjoy your deck instead of constantly maintaining it. Traditional wood decks require extensive upkeep and will eventually have to be replaced. Composite decking, on the other hand, requires minimal maintenance, which will save you time and effort.

You won’t have to worry about sanding, staining or sealing because composite decking will maintain its rich colour, and a simple cleaning routine will remove dirt, pollen or dust. This will allow you to spend more time outdoors, and you will get to enjoy your deck because very little maintenance is required.

2. Durability & Water-Resistance

Thanks to leading technology, composite deck boards are very durable because of the protective capping and a proprietary blend that can resist moisture and prevent mould and mildew growth. Additionally, the boards will not warp or split or crack. Composite decking is made of materials that provide homeowners with durability, protection and a beautiful design.

3. Beautiful Appearance With None Of The Drawbacks

Composite deck boards are designed with realistic grain patterns and nature-inspired hues to prevent that plastic look most people find unappealing.

Many homeowners worry about composite deck boards because they feel as though the material may look and feel fake. However, you can scratch this concern off your list—you can choose from different grain patterns like a classic cathedral to hand-scraped, both of which feature the textured look of real wood. Authentic colour blending and nature-inspired hues will also help you achieve the look of real wood.

4. High-Performance

Wood decks will fade over time due to exposure to UV rays, rain and other weather conditions. Composite decking, however, will maintain its appearance and is specially designed to remain beautiful for many years after its installation. Traditional wood will show obvious signs of age and damage as time passes, but composite deck boards will remain beautiful—even with minimal maintenance. The composite decking material is durable and moisture-resistant, allowing you to enjoy your deck year after year.

5. Long-Term Value

While a traditional wood deck may be cheaper than composite decking, you must consider the big picture. Once you factor in the long-term benefits of composite decking, they will outweigh the cheaper wood deck cost and provide you with long-term value. Do not focus on the initial price of a composite deck; focus on all of the benefits because this will help you make the right choice. The constant maintenance required for wood decks will cost you time and money, whereas a composite deck will provide long-term savings. You won’t have to pay to re-stain, re-colour or repair your deck, and your composite deck will pay for itself as you enjoy minimal maintenance and continued beauty.

6. Sustainability

Millions of trees are lost in the production of wood decks, but when you select composite decking, your outdoor space will look good, and you will do your part to help our environment. Recycled materials are used in composite deck boards, providing a sustainable deck that will make a lasting impact. Composite decking products do not require sanding, staining or sealing which are costly processes that can potentially release harmful volatile organic compounds.

Composite decking delivers lasting beauty and is a low-maintenance solution, and you will also help support a more sustainable future.


Are you ready to enjoy all of the benefits of composite decking? Premier Sundecks is ready to install the perfect deck for your home! We have been serving the Vancouver community for years and will further discuss why composite decking may be the best choice for your home. Our team will help you create the perfect outdoor oasis, and a composite deck will provide you with a space to unwind and relax.

The combination of high-performance recycled materials and innovative technology make composite decks ideal for any home, as they are resistant to moisture, fading and weathering. A composite deck will elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space, and you will enjoy a low-maintenance deck with lasting durability.

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