Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sloping Your Deck

May 15, 2023

Putting in a new deck is a great project, but only if your deck is designed correctly from the start. To avoid additional costs and dangerous consequences, you must avoid the following mistakes:

1. You Are Failing to Get Expert Advice at the Start

If you do not have experience with sloping decks, you will need to seek expert advice to avoid technical challenges. Researching and planning are crucial to ensure you are not making any big mistakes regarding the location of your deck and whether you have chosen suitable material for the area. Unless you have experience with such projects, it is very important to ask for expert input at the start.

2. Failing to Prepare the Ground Properly

Before deck installation can begin, you must first prepare the ground properly, and you will need a strong and sturdy base on which you can install your deck safely. Preparation will depend on the surface it sits on and whether you want elevated or ground-level decking. You will still need a solid subframe, even if you want a small deck.

3. Failing to Understand the Importance Of Understructure

You must pay attention to what is happening below your deck. Otherwise, you can run into enormous problems when sloping your deck. The understructure support beams must support the deck, and you will need quality fittings that will last.

4. Installing the Wrong Decking Boards

To make the right choice for your deck, you need to take the time to consider the issue of wood decks vs composite to make informed decisions. Many types of deck boards are available, including pressure-treated boards and luxe exotic hardwoods. You need to consider whether or not your deck will be exposed to the elements and whether or not it will be in a high-traffic area.

5. Using the Wrong Fasteners, Nails or Bolts

Always use the appropriate fastener types recommended for your project and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent problems down the road. Fasteners that do not have the right corrosion-resistance rating should not be used in combination with treated wood. If you are interested in using pressure-treated wood, you must use durable, stainless steel or galvanized fasteners.


Sloping a deck is not a job for amateurs because knowledge, experience and skill are required. Interested in deck sloping? The experts at Premier Sundecks can help! We will help you design and build the perfect deck and present you with deck step ideas to connect the different levels. Deck sloping is not easy, but we will do all the work, and our team will provide you with a beautiful outdoor living space!

Whether choosing the best location for deck sloping or choosing the best boards and deck steps, we will help you make informed decisions and smoothly connect the different areas of your sloping garden.

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